Our portfolio of expertise includes five categories geared towards our clients’ cross-industry needs. Intelligence focuses on the gathering and analysis of relevant market and competition data. Strategy, digitalisation and e-commerce are the key strategic areas we aim to address. Execution covers issues pertaining to implementation. Together, the five categories encompass all relevant areas of theory and action, from an analysis of the environment to defining a strategy and implementing all necessary measures.


Further informations about Competences

Market Intelligence

The field of market intelligence focuses on the acquisition, analysis and processing of information for business-relevant strategic decisions regarding the market, competition and customers.
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Strategy means the achievement of sustainable increases the company values through the creation of sustainable competitive advantages. In this context, we understand strategy as a package of modular measures that are aligned to the culture and structure of the organisation in question.
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Digitalisation Strategy

Digital transformation uses technological advancements to develop new value chains and business models, frequently resulting in the disruption of established structures. Businesses need a strategy to systematically unleash their digital potential.
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E-Commerce Strategy

There can be no doubt that the internet is the sales channel with the current highest growth dynamic - both for the B2C and B2B fields. To avoid losing market shares in the associated channel shift from offline to online, a dedicated strategy is required.
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A strategic plan is only as good as its operational implementation. A lack of implementation experience typically leads to targets being missed. Systematic implementation is therefore required - from the identification of measures to the provision of tools and the monitoring of progress.
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Due Diligence Services

Our Due Diligence services are a solid foundation for investors´ strategic decision making in the field of digitalization and E-Commerce
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