Our key strategic focal areas of digitalisation and e-commerce – and the digital transformation associated with these – have cross-industry relevance. Accordingly, we advise clients from a broad range of industries on all our areas of expertise. This gives rise to best practices that can be transferred easily from one sector to the next.

Further informations about Industries

Financial Services

The digitalisation of the financial services industry is progressing rapidly. There is a correspondingly acute need for digital transformation and strategies for the prevention of advancing disruption.
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Toys / Model Building

The toy and model-building sector already displays a relatively high degree of digitalisation and e-commerce maturity in comparison to other sectors. The competition for online market shares is correspondingly high and demands a sustainable strategy with systematic implementation.
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Consumer Goods / FMCG

The online business is gaining in relevance in terms of its future potential. Providers are recommended to develop suitable digitalisation and e-commerce strategies now. Only by doing so can they avoid losing market share in the context of the channel shift from offline to online.
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The focal areas of industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things - and the company-wide digital transformation that accompanies them - require clear strategies with subsequent systematic implementation.
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Trade / Wholesale

The increasing digitalisation of the customer journey and the progress of the price transparency in the B2C and B2B sectors require sustainable strategies.
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Construction / Tools

The tooling industry has already recognised the relevance of e-commerce & digitalisation through rapidly rising sales figures in the B2C sector. At least since the launch of Amazon Business, there has been a need for action for the construction and tooling industries.
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Private Equity / Family Office

It is advisable for private equity companies and family offices to equip their portfolio companies with suitable digitalisation and e-commerce strategies and/or to complement their portfolio with dynamic online players.
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The number of experts in the fields of e-commerce & digitalisation is limited. Accordingly, we cooperate consistently with top consulting firms and are pleased to assist you as e-commerce and digitalisation experts.
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Fashion / Clothing

The digitalisation of the fashion and clothing industry continues to gain in traction. Therefore there is a correspondingly acute need for digital transformation and strategies for the prevention of advancing disruption.
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The traditional automotive industry is being challenged by the increasing demand for digital, smart solutions. As such, the automotive industry is encouraged to systematically drive its own digital transformation using appropriate strategies.
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Food / Nutrition

Although the food industry is still driven heavily by offline activities, the importance of online business is gaining in traction due to the attractive growth options it offers.
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Energy industry

Due to the strong expansion of decentralised generation and storage facilities, a multitude of new business models and platform solutions based on connectivity or sustainability are emerging in the energy industry.
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Healthcare / Pharma

The healthcare and medical technology industries show potential for digitalisation in various areas. The increasing online savviness of patients offers impressive potential for patient-oriented business models.
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Software Providers / Agencies

Software providers and agencies can strategically position themselves such that they provide the necessary digital infrastructure for digitalisation and the associated digital change.
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