FOSTEC & Company is the leading independent strategy consulting boutique with a focus on digitalisation and e-commerce. A future-oriented strategy forms the basis of our work. In line with this strategy, we develop digital business models and e-commerce distribution strategies and play a decisive role in advancing your digital transformation. We think and act from an entrepreneurial perspective and work alongside our clients to develop intelligent, practicable solutions with the power to exploit their full online market potential. Unleash your digital potential - now!

Issue-specific key competences of FOSTEC & Company

Amazon Strategy Consulting Services

FOSTEC & Company ist die führende unabhängige Strategieberatungs-Boutique mit Schwerpunkten in der Digitalisierung und im E-Commerce. Mit über ...
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Unser Kompetenzportfolio umfasst 5 Kategorien die sich an den branchenübergreifenden Bedürfnissen unserer Mandanten orientieren. Wir betreuen Projekte von der Potentialanalyse, über die Strategie bis zur Implementierung.
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Our key strategic focal areas of digitalisation and e-commerce - and the digital transformation associated therewith - have cross-industry relevance. Accordingly, we advise clients from a broad range of industries on all our areas of expertise.
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Talks & Seminars

As part of our research activities, we engage on an ongoing basis with highly topical strategic issues around our focal topics of digitalisation and e-commerce. We are happy to discuss these topics with you in custom-tailored talks and seminars.
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FOSTEC & Company Events seek first and foremost to facilitate the exchange of questions, ideas and opinions. The various event formats are aimed at different management levels, thereby facilitating open exchange and interesting conversations.
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FOSTEC & Company is the leading independent strategy consulting boutique with a focus on digitalisation and e-commerce. We think and act like entrepreneurs and work with our clients to develop intelligent, practicable solutions that help them unleash their full online market potential.
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We regularly advise a wide variety of clients on our key focal areas of digitalisation and e-commerce as well as on the digital transformation associated with these phenomena. Here, you can read references from selected clients across a range of sectors.
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FOSTEC Research focuses on highly relevant strategic issues around the themes of digitalisation and e-commerce. Here, you can read our latest studies, dossiers and white papers.
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Client Testimonials

Together with our clients, we develop solutions that are both practicable and intelligent and thereby we achieve proven, long-lasting project results. In this section of the site, you can read some of our client testimonials.
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Multi-Channel Pricing Strategy – Why Price Transparency in E-Commerce Demands a Cross-Channel Strategy

by Markus Fost

on 10. September 2017


Our experience has shown that brand-damaging price erosion can be systematically countered through a multi-channel performance pricing (MCPP) strategy accompanied by a market data- and performance-oriented model of conditions.
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Start of Amazon Fresh in Germany – A New Category in Which Manufacturers and Distributors Are Yet to Claim Their Market Shares

on 10. September 2017


The launch of Amazon Fresh is not only relevant for end consumers looking to have their weekly shop delivered to their house at their convenience: in this new category, market shares are yet to be distributed amongst manufacturers and distributors.
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