FOSTEC stands for high standards – and we maintain these both inwardly and outwardly. The guidelines, tools and templates summarised on this page should help you get started.

Instructions for Setting Up the FOSTEC Cloud

The FOSTEC Cloud is where all project-specific documents and documents are stored. Find out how to set it up here.

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Instructions for Setting Up Your Mailbox

Each employee and freelancer gets a FOSTEC email address. Find out how to set it up here.

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Email Signature

Your email signature should comply with our corporate design. You can create a corresponding signature quickly and easily by clicking on this link. Afterwards, you simply need to implement it in the email program. The font should always be set to Arial size 10, both for the signature and the email text.

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Corporate Design Style Guide / Templates

To maintain the FOSTEC standard in all documents, they should comply with our Corporate Design Guidelines. The following link contains all the guidelines and templates for FOSTEC’s corporate design.

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Creating Business Cards

Where necessary and after consultation with FOSTEC, business cards may be produced. To ensure that these correspond to design templates and that all FOSTEC business cards look the same, they can be created quickly and easily under this link.

Current Project Guidelines

FOSTEC has high standards pertaining not only to documents and quality of work, but also to employees’ conduct within projects. Our current project guidelines – with information on travel costs, etiquette, dress code and more – can be downloaded here.

Projektrichtlinien (PDF)

Skills Profile

To ensure that employees are put to work where they are most effective, and to maintain an overview of their learning progress, it is important for them to fill in a skills profile. The skills profile should be updated 1-2 times a year and sent to

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To ensure the smooth running of all FOSTEC projects, we recommend you install the following programs:

ThinkCell is the leading PowerPoint software used by consulting companies. It facilitates the easy creation of diagrams, can be customised and is easy to use.

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EfficientElements is a PowerPoint add-in. It provides design tools and other resources for making presentations more quickly and efficiently.

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AgentRansack is a software productaimed at helping users find files quickly and efficiently. Users can search the hard disks and removable media according to different search criteria.

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Screenpresso is a comprehensive screenshot tool for creating images of the whole screen, individual windows or individual sections. The files can then be stored in various formats, searched for and retrieved as they are needed.

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Slack s a web-based messenger in which teams can be created. Within these teams, users can chat with individuals or several people at a time, exchange pictures and much more.

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Teamviewer is a tool that allows you to participate in meetings and presentations, send chat messages to individuals or groups, and make video calls. Its main benefit at FOSTEC is enabling users to access other desktops or  to present things on their own desktop.

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