My start and my role at FOSTEC & Company

Before joining FOSTEC & Company, I completed my Bachelor’s degree at EBS in Oestrich-Winkel and then a Master of Law and Business at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. During my studies I gained experience in investment banking, private equity and transaction advisory and additionally managed the family business for two years.

The main focus of my work is commercial due diligence projects. Here I advise and support our clients, mainly private equity companies, but also strategists in the acquisition of companies from various industries. The targets are mainly software or e-commerce companies. In addition, I am also involved in strategy consulting projects that focus on growth and efficiency issues.

My most exciting project experience

For me, there is no such thing as “the most exciting project”. Every commercial due diligence is something special and at the end we give an investor a detailed overview of the opportunities, but also the risks of a transaction. From this, an investor can then deduce whether the company should be acquired and on what terms. In such projects, in addition to the great responsibility, one also feels the impact that our work has in a crucial part of the transaction process.

In every commercial due diligence, we immerse ourselves in a new company and analyse the business model, the products, the market, the competition, and thus get a holistic overview of the sustainability of a company. I find that very exciting and appealing.

The biggest challenge in such projects is obtaining data for analysis. The company being acquired usually only wants to provide as little information as necessary, but we need a lot of information.

What drives and motivates me

The work as a strategy consultant is very multi-faceted and therefore has a virtually never-ending learning curve. That’s what drives me every day. No two days are the same and it allows me to constantly develop personally. I look forward to seeing FOSTEC & Company grow and to supporting it and becoming part of the success story.


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