Increasing globalisation, technological advances, ever-shrinking product life cycles and ever-increasing expectations regarding product quality will make it increasingly difficult for Western companies to withstand high cost pressure from the emerging industrial nations of the Far East. In order for our currently high standard of living to be maintained, it will be vital, in the future, for all products to be placed successfully on the world market. This, in turn, means that the demand for highly qualified skilled workers will increase steadily – a demand that, in some industrial sectors, already cannot be adequately met without the help of skilled workers from abroad. What’s more, the German economy is currently also reeling from the latest population development forecast from the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden: according to the calculations, the demographic changes occurring in the course of globalisation will be one of the biggest challenges of the future, with proportions of individual age groups in Germany set to fall into a strong imbalance. The relative proportion of senior citizens will increase steadily such that by 2050, there are predicted to be twice as many older people as younger ones. These alarming numbers and findings illustrate the increasing scarcity of human resources and mean that company owners will forced to optimise their recruitment strategies. The need for qualified young talent – which, currently, is clearly not being met – will continue to generate better opportunities for older workers.

Führen von älteren Mitarbeitern (Managing Older Employees)

Markus Fost

Grin Publishing

ISBN: 978-3638942812


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