Financially weaker companies from the SME sector are particularly at risk in the harsh times of the global economic crisis: while restructuring consultancies are struggling to cope with demand, more SMEs are fighting for their survival than ever before. Consequently, industry experts expect a significant increase in corporate insolvency cases by the year end, the majority of which will involve SMEs. This, in turn, will have drastic effects on the labour market, since SMEs are Germany’s leading employers. But insolvency isn’t inevitable. If a company has a holistic management accounting concept, it benefits from two advantages: a) the likelihood of the company being able to resist a crisis is increased; and b) the opportunity is created for the company to increase its value. If economic crises are to be coped with successfully, early warning signs must be pinpointed and dealt with by upper management. For companies upwards of a certain size, a well-functioning management accounting system is an essential requirement for being able to do this.


  • Management accounting principles
  • Current status of management accounting in the SME sector
  • Fictional example “Toys GmbH & Co. KG”
  • Defining the target requirement profile of a management accounting concept for a small to medium-sized industrial and trading company during a time of crisis
  • Analysis of the existing management accounting concept of a small to medium-sized industrial and trading company during a time of crisis

Controlling im Mittelstand (Management Accounting for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)

Markus Fost

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

ISBN: 978-3639307719


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